Welcome Crazy Sexy Mama!

Hey there!

My name is Amber Dickson, and I am a crazy, sexy, tired stay-at-home mom, wife, taxi driver, chef, maid, gardener to name a few of the hats I wear.  I married my best friend, Dustin in 2017. In my eyes he is the most selfless, caring and loving guy in the universe.  Our journey has been incredible with some wonderful highlights. Thanks to IVF we recently welcomed our first little boy, Grayson, September 2018. Grayson has two big brothers that are absolutely smitten by him.

I am a boy mom to Gavin 15, Aydin 12, and Grayson 5 months and dog mom to Sam and Sage. My boys keep me crazy busy, changing diapers, middle school dating dilemmas, to teaching a teen how to drive. The saying, “they don’t come with manuals” has never rang so true to me when I am parenting my teen. They are my everything and I love spending every precious moment with them.

Amber Grayson is my creative outlet to share my ideas on raising boys, parenting, my IVF journey, preemies, and much more. Through my adventures of mommy-hood I have learned a thing or two about being crazy, sexy and tired. Crazy sexy mama, join me on my journey through life’s twists and turns.